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Richard & Alexa | Elegant backyard wedding on a private estate in Kelowna, BC.

I adored Richard and Alexa from the very first moment Richard sent an inquiry to me asking to learn more about the Baskin Creative Wedding Experience that I offer to all my couples. It was so refreshing to see an excited groom take the lead in organizing what turned out to be the most beautiful and elegant, backyard wedding on a private estate in Kelowna, BC. Right away, I responded to Richard's message and I learned all about how their original wedding plans got derailed due to a certain global pandemic that's been haunting us for the last two years and how they were now finally getting to tie the knot! The more we spoke, the more it started becoming so glaringly obvious to me that I was connecting with my next Baskin Creative Couple! I was so excited for them - not only because this has been a long time in the making and now they were finally getting to have the dream wedding celebration that they have been so patiently holding out for for the last two years - but also because they had expertly planned a really beautiful and elegant, backyard summer wedding and I was excited to see their vision of their dream wedding day come to life! And speaking of the vision of their wedding day... I was hooked when Richard told me that they were going to have a masquerade mask ball for their reception!! I played it so cool on the consultation call we had via Zoom, but inside, I was SO EXCITED to get the opportunity to capture the images of Richard and Alexa's wedding day - and let me tell you, their wedding day w