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I believe that both wedding and portrait photography are done best when clients have a relationship with their photographer and fully trust them! This is how I have guaranteed and delivered incredible photography experiences to everyone I have the privilege of working with! I believe that one of the keys to us working well together is for us to get to know and connect with each other as this will affect every aspect of how your photos will turn out!  I want to feel like an old friend to you and not like a stranger hired to take your photos. So, in the name of building a genuine connection with a girl you can eventually trust to capture images of your significant moments and of your loved ones, here's who I am beyond the camera:

I'm the seventh born of eight kids. I'm happily married to the love of my life. We are blessed with three absolutely beautiful children who fill our hearts and lives with so much love and joy. We also have two really weird cats. I really wish we had two awesome dogs instead. I love to laugh! I love God and I love people! Also, milk chocolate really has a way of messing with your girl! I hail from central Africa - the Democratic Republic of Congo. I'm a proud Congolese woman born in the thriving and bustling city of Kinshasa. At age 5, my family and I immigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa where I grew up, learnt to speak English, and came to love the beauty of a "lekker braai" (also known as a good old-fashioned BBQ to the rest of the world.)

I've always loved art, photography and media and worked for some time as a TV presenter and sport's journalist before transitioning to life as an on-air radio presenter. A serendipitous move as it would turn out because working in radio is where I landed up meeting my soulmate - a gorgeous, dark-haired and blue-eyed gentleman who not only swept me off my feet but also swept me on to a new continent! Today, you can find me loving long summer days while sipping on homemade ice tea, watching my little people enjoy a refreshing swim at the beach. Or you can find me holding a mug of hot apple cider, humming along to Christmas carols as I watch snowflakes silently fall to the ground. And while Canada will always have my pillow, Africa will always have my heart!

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photographs created to stand the test of time

If you're looking for timelessly beautiful photographs that will capture magical moments that you can cherish for a lifetime and mean something to you because of the story captured within them and the legacy they leave behind then contact me so you can schedule your consultation in order to experience a stress-free and seamlessly smooth photography experience that culminates in priceless images that you will treasure for a lifetime!


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