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How we can be of service to you...

You are planning one of the most exciting yet also deeply significant and meaningful event of your life.
You are taking great care in finding the perfect venue, the perfect rings and of course...
the perfect dress!
But once your dream wedding day has come and gone and the flowers from your bouquet are withered, the delicious cake you served is eaten and gone and your feet have finally recovered from a wonderful night of dancing and fun...
What really remains of your wedding day?
Your spouse. Your ring. Your love.
And your memories...

And we at Baskin Creative Studios, would love to help you with that last part!


Making your memories last a lifetime!

When photographing weddings, we believe in this one, simple philosophy:

Marriage was intended to last a lifetime.
And your wedding pictures should do the same!

Our goal is not just to photograph your wedding day, but to tell the story within your wedding day. From the more elaborate elements that took a lot of planing to pull off, to perhaps the little, intimate details that only you and your future spouse may notice and value, we want to capture images of your wedding day that reflect the thoughtfulness and careful planning it took to make your special day just perfect!

Our photojournalistic approach to your wedding day means that we will capture all the significant moments of your day as well as all of the lighthearted moments in-between.
From the secret looks that you and your spouse exchange throughout the day to the belly laughs from the best man's speech...
From the warm smiles between friends and family to the more candid moments of real emotions that are bound to be on display during your wedding...
We strive to capture all of those moments for you so that you have priceless keepsakes from the best day of your life!

We are not just photographers, we're story tellers and we would love to have the opportunity to tell the story of your love, neatly wrap it up for you with a bow and tastefully present it to you so that you can always remember just how beautiful a day it was when you said,
"I do!" 

The story begins with you...

It would be pointless for us to try tell your story if we didn't get to know the story's origins - and that means getting to know you!
We want to hear your story in all of it's glory - how you met, when you first realised your future spouse was super cute, how you started dating and (of course!) 
how he proposed!
And while we value your business, we value you as a person all the more and we want to take the time to get to know you and your story so the when it comes time to telling the story of your wedding day, you can trust us to tell your story in a way that is meaningful and true to you as a couple!

At Baskin Creative Studios, we love to give our brides the peace of mind that your wedding photos are in good hands, that is why we include engagement sessions in all of our wedding photography packages. We love to work with our brides from the second you say, "Yes!" to the moment you say, "I do!" because we believe in building a genuine relationship  and connection with you.
We want to journey with you from your engagement session to your wedding day because we believe that there is value in us having the opportunity to work with you before your special day rolls around for two main reasons:

1. We want you to get to know us and we want you to trust us! 
It's one thing to look at beautiful photos on a website, but we want you to have absolute confidence that you can trust us with one of the most important days of your life. The best way for us to reassure you of that is to show you firsthand that we can deliver on our promises. We want you to know that we've got you, and come the day you walk down the aisle you can do so with confidence because you've worked with us before and you know that we won't let you down.

2. We want you to feel at ease with us.
Having your photo taken can feel awkward and maybe even daunting at times, and we would hate for you to feel that way with us - especially on your wedding day! So, think of your engagement session with us as a warm up - both for your wedding day and for being around us. Your engagement session is an opportunity for you to start letting your guard down and feeling comfortable around us and our cameras as you start to get to know us and trust us.. 
The biggest reason why we include engagement sessions in all of our packages because we believe that every bride should get to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera no matter what her budget is!
The best photos are taken when you are at your most comfortable and relaxed - and we believe that every bride deserves the best!

It would be an honour to capture the beautiful memories of your special day so don't hesitate to contact us in order to find out how you can become a
Baskin Creative Bride.

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I would love to have the opportunity to work with you in creating something beautiful and meaningful that you will treasure for a lifetime!
Get in touch with me today and let's discuss how I can help you preserve your memories...

Baskin Creative Studios,
Clearwater, British Columbia, VOE 1N1,
Canada  /  Tel. 778 208 2741

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