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How we work together

You deserve a unique, tailored approach to your wedding and love story. While the collections below will offer you a good idea about my service and offerings, know that I am always more than happy to hop on a call with you and create a bespoke collection for your specific

photography needs. I can't wait to hear from you! Choose your preferred collection, fill out the form on my Contact Page and let's begin planning!


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- Up to a two hour photo shoot

- Private online gallery

- 30 Professionally retouched, high-resolution, digital images

- 1 13x19 Fine art print

Investment starting at $500 + tax (where applicable)

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- Complimentary engagement photo shoot

- 2 photographers

- 8 hours of coverage

- Private online gallery

- A minimum of 400 professionally retouched, high-resolution, digital images

Investment starting at $3 500 + tax (where applicable)

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- Up to a two hour photo shoot

- Private online gallery

- 15 Professionally retouched, high-resolution, digital images

- 15 8x10 Fine art prints

Investment starting at $500 + tax (where applicable)

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From the elaborate celebrations of larger gatherings to the intimate

celebrations of micro weddings to the convivial companionship 

of elopements. Your wedding will be beautifully represented at any size!

À la carte options and customized albums and printing options are

available in order to create a bespoke wedding or portrait collection

that ensures you have all that you need to make your photography

experience perfect!

For more information on bespoke wedding and portrait collections, 

please feel free to contact me via phone or email on 778 208 2741 or 

elopements. micro weddings.
larger wedding. portraits.

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becoming a Baskin Creative Bride

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I would love to work with you so if you are interested in having me photograph your special day, send me a quick message via the form on my Contact Page.

I will then invite you to Zoom or phone call where we get to know each other and discuss the details of your wedding day.

If we're a good fit to work together, we can then move on to the booking process.

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Once we agree on all the details, all that is left to do is to make things official!

I will send you a Booking Proposal - an online presentation where you can review the specifics of your chosen collection that has been tailored to your specific wedding photography needs.

Once we sign the contract and you pay your retainer, your date will be officially reserved in my calendar!

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Once you have reserved your booking, it's time for you to experience one of my favourite parts of us being on this journey together - your engagement session!!

From picking a location, figuring out what you are going to wear, how to pose during the photo shoot and brainstorming how you can incorporate the images into your wedding day - I am here to walk you through it all!



In order to make sure that things run smoothly on your big day, I work with my couples and their planners to create the perfect, photography-friendly wedding day timeline that is sure to capture the heart, soul and story of your special day!


8 weeks out from your wedding, is when we will begin to finesse and refine the finer details of your big day.

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Your big day is finally here and it's time for you to celebrate!! 

I love telling the full story of my couples' wedding day - that is why I never shoot for less than 8 hours! My main priority is to make sure that I capture all of the more traditional shots that every bride needs while also capturing the magic of the in between moments with creativity and timeless style and elegance!

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I will email you the link to your own private online gallery where you will receive a gallery full of all of the very best images of your wedding memories!

Soon after your gallery is delivered, you will receive your album design (if you ordered an album!) and then you can begin the customization process as well as ordering any other prints that you would like.

how we work together to create classic portraits

Baskin Kids Portrait Session05517.jpg


The first step in us working together is for you to fill out the form on my Contact Page. You can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours and together, we'll hope on a Zoom or phone call to discuss and plan for your portrait photo shoot.

This will be an easy-going and fun conversation and by the end of our time chatting together, we will have gotten to know each other, determined if we are a good fit to work together and collaborated on creating a bespoke portrait session that is tailor-made just for you!


Now, it's time for us to move into the booking process. I will send you a booking proposal - a paper-free, easy to read, online proposal that contains all of the finer details of us working together. In the booking proposal, you will effortlessly be able to review the details of your portrait package; pay your retainer and sign the contract.

With the contract signed and all the admin out of the way, your date will be officially reserved in my calendar!


You will receive my portrait session style guide and in it you will find all of the helpful information that you will need to know in order to best prepare for your session. The style guide will help us pick all of the key elements that we will need in order to ensure that your portrait session results in images that you are going to fall in love with and be proud to hang on the walls of your home!!


You will have full access to my curated and ever-growing selection of  backdrops, props and client wardrobe for use during your session!

The day of the photo shoot has dawned and I can't wait to get in you in front of the camera! As you enter inti my studio, I invite you to relax and have fun - because now it's time to have fun and create images that you and your family will always treasure!


As we work through the session, I will guide you through everything - from the lighting, where to stand and how to pose - I will walk you through it all! 


Soon after your photo shoot, you will receive the link to your private, online gallery where you will receive only the very best images from your portrait session! 

You will also receive 8x10 fine art prints of all the images included in your online gallery, and you are welcome to request additional prints and heirloom albums. These highly customizable portrait sessions are exclusively tailored to meet you and your specific photographic needs. Customized albums and printing options are available with each portrait session. 


How many photos will I receive and are the images edited?

When it comes to either wedding photography or portrait photo shoots, I am a firm believer of quality over quantity! With every click of my my camera, I strive to deliver beautiful and unique images that are created with elegance and excellence!


For weddings, you will receive all of the good photos from the day. Generally, you can expect to receive a minimum of 50 images per hour of photography coverage. Each image will be a high-resolution digital image, professionally retouched with my signature style.


Portrait clients also receive professionally retouched images. In your private online,

gallery, you will receive 15 high-resolution, digital images accompanied by

8x10, fine art prints of all of the images delivered in your online gallery. 

When will I receive the photos, and how are they delivered?

I always strive to have as quick a turnaround time as possible, as I how important

and meaningful these images are to you! Though the images are delivered to

my clients as quickly as possible, I always maintain the impeccable level of quality

and excellence my clients have come to expect of me..

Wedding images will be uploaded to a beautiful and private online gallery within

6 - 8 weeks after the wedding day. Portrait sessions generally require approximately a 30 day turnaround time.

All images delivered in your online gallery are high-resolution jpeg files.

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